Iconic has a broad range of fiber installs to date. Our list of installs ranges from small single pull runs for basic communication connections to full scale plant level fiber networks for the advanced industrial communication needs which our clients and their partners require.

Typical Installation details include:

  • Installation of all fiber optic cabling
    • Single and Multi-mode cables
  • Fiber integrity check
    • Pre-termination stage (VFL/OLTS/OTDR Testing)
  • Splicing and Termination of fiber connectors and stands
    • Single and Multi-mode connectors
  • Cleaning and microscope inspection of connector end faces
  • Final installation testing of all splices and terminations
  • ITP / QAF document completion
    • utilize the information from our tools to provide in depth information related to all pulls and termination
    • complies with ANSI/TIA 568 as well as other varying customer requirements
  • Ongoing support to the client and/or commissioning agent
    • during startup and commissioning phases as well as long term for ongoing requirements of facility life cycle