Quality Assurance

A Culture of Quality
Iconic Electric and Controls is committed to deliver products and services to meet and exceed the mutually agreed requirements with clients and customers.

Iconic is committed to the following quality management principles:

  • Understanding and satisfying client and customer requirements
  • An environment in which employees are involved in achieving Iconic’s objectives and core values
  • Managing resources and activities by taking a process approach for efficient results
  • An effective and efficient operation by identifying, understanding and managing its system of interrelated processes
  • The continual improvement of its operation
  • The use and analysis of  data and information for making effective decisions
  • Creating value by establishing mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers
  • Meeting applicable legal and regulatory requirements
  • The development and maintenance of a quality management system
  • The benefits of quality management by the reduction of waste

We apply these principles to all of our projects - large or small - to ensure consistent execution of our quality management plan.

From investing in the highest skilled people in the industry, to providing top-level training and certifications, to closely following our project management matrix, we are strongly committed to our clients, partners and employees by instilling a Culture of Quality on every level.