Communication Services

Iconic Electric and Controls is excited to grow and expand our services in the communication services space, serving our existing markets in Western Canada and offering expanded services throughout Alberta. With a growing demand for communications and integration of fiber optic mediums for industrial communications this is a natural fit for our core services.

We recognize the need to provide fast, reliable installs partnered with the highest level of commissioning and trouble shooting to ensure that delivery and integrity of these critical systems are maintained. Our capabilities include but are not limited to;

Our knowledge and expertise, together with our skilled, dedicated employees and industry leading quality management and safety record, position Iconic Electric and Controls as a recognized and trusted provider for communication services.

In addition to our basic services we plan to add to our proven commitment to our first people and communities. Iconic has a unique model to grow the fiber business through strong and resilient partnerships to serve many areas with a mutually beneficial approach. Contact Iconic today to learn how we accomplish this!