Iconic has a broad range of fiber installs to date. Our list of installs ranges from small single pull runs for basic communication connections to full scale plant level fiber networks for the advanced industrial communication needs which our clients and their partners require.

Fiber optic Specialists

  • Pulling fiber optic cable to the final termination and testing the fiber optic cable to each destination. We are certified for mechanical and epoxy connections and also are equipped with single strand and ribbon fusion splicers
  • Specialized in military standard Fiber optic repair ( TFOCA). These fibers are mainly used for down hole, PLC connections for oil field rigs and for military communications for the battlefield
  • Certified installers of Corning, Panduit, Commscope, Leviton, and SiemonĀ 

Data cabling

  • We excel in structured cabling whether, it's from commercial to industrial we have the experience and training to make sure the installs are according to CEC and BICSI standards
  • We provide category testing for all installs with our Fluke Versiv tester
  • We can also design, install, and maintain network racks and cabinets whether it be an existing setup or a new installation
  • Certified installers of Leviton, Siemon, and Panduit

Wireless networking

  • Trained personnel that specialize in cellular signal boosting, RF communication and long range Wi-Fi bridging
  • Provide a comprehensive cell signal study or path loss study for many applications
  • Remote internet and cell boosting rentals for those remote construction sites or if you want to work out at the cabin, we have you covered
  • Certified installers of WilsonPro and Cel-Fi


We are the go to company for security automation in commercial and industrial settings. Some of our services offered and supported are:

  • Resellers and installers of Verkada. The true set it and forget system. Verkada encompasses cameras, security, access control, guest services, and RFID under a single pane of glass. There product is backed by a 10 year warranty, and automatic firmware and software updates
  • Residential and commercial services with giving you the ability to turn your home or office into a smart building. products range from cameras, HVAC, security, access control, and lighting, plus integration with many other smart home products
  • New installs or upkeep on DSC panels allowing you the piece of mind that your system is going to work when you need it to
  • We also provide a new camera system for the ranchers and farmers that need to be able to watch there crop or cattle and have no power in the area. With our solar powered camera system the applications are limitless and customizable to suit
  • Certified installers of Verkada,, Hikvision, DSC and EagleEye


We are telephony wizards with over 20 years of experience working with brands like Nortel, Avaya, Mitel, Panasonic and Emetrotel.

  • Assist in providing the much needed upgrade or maybe just help with the maintenance and programming of your system
  • We have a 24/7 support for when you need your system running we will be there.